Taste Buddies - Food tours in Mauritius
If you have any questions about our food tours in Mauritius, check out our FAQ
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1. How do I book a tour ?

Go to the tab at the top of the page and navigate to either “OUR TOURS” or “BOOK A TOUR”. Then select the tour you wish to book, finally enter the number of participants (residents, non residents, children), and select the date that suits you best on the booking calendar.

2. How do I pay for the tour ?

There are two options for payment:


1.  Online Card Payment

We accept card payment from Visa, MasterCard and American Express. For card payments, you will receive an instantaneous booking confirmation with your order details via email.

Note that we use a secured online payment gateway and we do not store any card data.


2.  Bank Transfer

It is possible to pay by Juice or Internet Banking. As you book your tour, our bank details will appear on your screen. You will also receive an automated email with these banking details along with your order details. Your reservation will become final when we receive your payment. To accelerate your booking confirmation, you may send us an email with a proof of payment or screenshot to [email protected].


Banking Details:

Account Holder: Taste Buddies Ltd
Account Number: 000445226250
Bank: Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB)
Branch Address/Street: 9-15 Sir William Newton Street
City: Port Louis
Province/Region: Port Louis District
Postal Code: 11328
Country: Mauritius
IBAN: MU39MCBL0944000445226250000MUR

3. What's included in the price ?

Go to the tab at the top of the page and navigate to “OUR TOURS”, select the tour, and find out what is included by reading the description.

4. What if I have dietary restrictions ?

The dietary options available differ for each tour.

Go to the tab at the top of the page and navigate to “OUR TOURS” and select the tour for which you wish to check the dietary options available. Then, read the description to check whether we can accommodate you for that particular tour.

In any case, please let us know of your dietary restrictions by filling out the booking form when you place your order online.

5. Do children have to pay for the tour ?



  • Children under 10: The tour is free for each child accompanied by an adult. (ie. If 1 adult is accompanied by more than 1 child below the age of 10, the tour will be free for only 1 child).
  • Children 10 and older: The normal price is applied.
6. Is the transport to/from the meeting place included ?

We do not offer transport from your accommodation to the meeting place, and back. It is your responsibility to organise your own transport.

You could ask your hotel/host for any recommendations regarding transport services (bus, taxis, car rentals…).

For the bus routes and schedules, you can also consult this website: https://www.mauritius-buses.com

Please note that public transport in Mauritius is not the most efficient, so please plan accordingly. Taste Buddies is not responsible for any missed tours if clients arrive late.

7. Will there be other members of the public on the tour ?

We offer public tours, so it is possible for others to book the same tour as your group.

If you wish to book a private tour, you will need to purchase all the slots for the tour, or you can contact us.

8. What happens if I am late for the tour?

If you are running a bit late, contact our tour coordinator (+230 5476 7204).

Please note that if you are more than 15 minutes late, the tour will start without you.

There are no refunds for missed tour.

9. What are the cancellation and refund policies ?

Canceling a booking can result in cancellation fees being applied by Taste Buddies, as outlined below.

  • For cancellations with more than 48 hours notice, no cancellation fees will be applied. The client will receive a refund in MUR, less any bank fees or charges.
  • For cancellations under 48 hours, a cancellation fee of 100% is applied. No refund will be made.

See our Terms & Conditions or Cancellation & Refund Policy for more information.

10. Do you have an insurance policy ?

Yes. We have public liability insurance that covers our company for up to MUR30,000,000. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

11. What happens if it is raining on the day ?

The tour will go ahead as planned, rain or shine. Dress according to the weather and bring an umbrella if forecasts suggest rain. See the next question for the weather conditions that do warrant a cancellation.

12. What conditions warrant a cancellation from Taste Buddies ?
  • Poor weather conditions does not usually warrant a cancellation. We tour will go ahead as planned if it is rainy, windy or warm.
  • However, we will cancel our tours in the case of a “force majeure” (any event that cannot reasonably be anticipated or controlled). For example, if a cyclone warning (classe 3 or above), or a torrential rain warning has been issued. We will contact you via email or telephone/WhatsApp to inform you of the cancellation. We will always try to find alternative options for our clients.

*Note that the listed reasons above do not represent an exhaustive list.



13. What is the weather like in Mauritius ?

The island’s varied topography creates diverse microclimates across the different regions. Hence, the weather can vary significantly between regions and  it can also be very unpredictable; from sunshine to downpour, then back to clear skies in just a matter of minutes.
You can learn more about the weather in Mauritius in this blog post.