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Founded in 2017, Taste Buddies is a street food tour company embarking Mauritians and foreigners on exciting food trips across the island, inviting them to discover Mauritius’ rich history and diverse culture by tasting its colourful local cuisine.

Starting with our Port Louis tour in 2017, we since then conquered Mahébourg, China Town and Grand Baie, offering visitors authentic tours of Mauritius.

Book your food tour in Mauritius with Taste Buddies and embark on an extraordinary gastronomic adventure, today!

“To know Mauritius, you must taste Mauritius…”

Our Food Tours in Mauritius

Meet your tour buddies!

They are here to elevate your experience and unlock a unique sensory journey, sharing insights, flavours and cultural nuances. Beyond merely introducing the best food spots, it’s about delving into the culture, history and famous Mauritian “vivre ensemble” – the art of living together harmoniously.

Through engaging narratives and firsthand experiences, our knowledgeable guides will paint a vivid picture of Mauritius’s culinary heritage, allowing you to connect with the island on a deeper level.

Each food tour has been crafted with care to ensure participants savour the most unique Mauritian dishes while gaining insights into the ingredients, cooking techniques and cultural significance behind each culinary delight.

Get ready to immerse in the island’s essence through their seasoned perspective, promising a flavourful exploration tantalising taste buds and enriching spirits.


Led by curiosity and a thirst for discovery, Celine has had the privilege to travel and meet people from across the world.

Enriching travel experiences and a passion for food inspired her to highlight the beauty and authenticity of her beloved Mauritius.

In 2017, she embarked on the exciting journey to launch the first food tour company in Mauritius: Taste Buddies.

Adrien – Tour Coordinator & Guide

Originally from Curepipe in Mauritius, Adrien has been working in the tourism industry since he left school. 

Before joining Taste Buddies in December 2017, Adrien had the opportunity to travel to a few countries in Africa and Europe and even lived in Asia for a while.

Looking to combine his passion for meeting people of the world over with his desire to learn even more about Mauritius’ history, culture and food, Arien became our very first food tour guide.

Ashvin – Food Tour Business Developer

A food enthusiast, Ashvin is a well-known food blogger in Mauritius. 

Equipped with a strong knowledge of the Mauritian food scene, he joined Taste Buddies as Food Tour Business Developer in 2023. He sometimes steps in as Food Tour Guide to share his passion for Mauritian food as well as his unwavering love of Mauritius and its fascinating history.

Rudy – Food Tour Guide & Coordinator

A graduate of L’École Hôtelière Sir Gaëtan Duval, Rudy is a seasoned chef with over 20 years’ experience.

He joined Taste Buddies as Food Tour Guide in 2021, bringing a wealth of expertise from the hospitality and Mauritian local food industry.

“A truly Mauritian holiday is beyond the beach and into the heart of the island. Culture is the heart, and local food the beat that gives it life.”