Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • Cancelling a booking can result in cancellation fees being applied by Taste Buddies, as outlined below:


    • For cancellations with more than 48 hours notice, no cancellation fees will be applied. The client will receive a refund in MUR, less any bank fees or charges.
    • For cancellations under 48 hours, a cancellation fee of 100% is applied. No refund will be made.


    Cancellation due to weather conditions or other reasons:


    • If Taste Buddies needs to cancel a tour/activity in advance or on the activity date itself, we offer a re-booking for an alternative date, or a full refund of the booking price in MUR. The weather conditions that warrant a cancellation by Taste Buddies include, but is not restricted to, cyclone warnings (class 2 or above), or torrential rain warnings issued by the relevant authorities.