Virtual tour of Port Louis - Taste Buddies - Food Tours in Mauritius
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Virtual tour of Port Louis

Surrounded by skyscrapers, boarded by beautiful green mountains on one side and overlooking the ocean stretching as far as the eye can see on the other, lies the city of Port Louis. Capital of Mauritius and the island’s main centre of activity, Port Louis holds centuries of history and a rich religious and culinary culture. Walking along its crowded streets, one often comes across businessmen/women rushing around from one meeting to the next, as well as tourists looking for the best places to visit and most delicious restaurants or street food stalls to sample.

Curious, how about you embark a virtual tour of this bustling city?

Stop number 1: Place d’Armes

As the heart of Port Louis, Place d’Armes is home to the famous Hôtel du Gouvernement. This colonial building erected in the 1700s forms part of Mauritius’ national heritage.

Stop number 2: The Company Garden

Populated by large Banyan trees, the Company Garden is the ideal place for a little digestive walk at the heart of nature. There are also various statues and an imposing fountain, remnants of the city’s rich past.

Stop number 3: The Caudan Waterfront

Housing various offices, shops and restaurants, the Caudan Waterfront overlooks the main port where transit several container and bulk carriers, as well as cruise ships, among others. This building, with its traditional architecture, has been a landmark since its inauguration in November 1996.

Stop number 4: The Market

Full of bright colours, the central market of Port Louis welcomes everyday a crowd of Mauritian merchants selling a selection of local products, ranging from fruits & vegetables to spices and handicrafts of all kinds, as well as typical clothes and various souvenirs.

Stop number 5: China Town

Welcoming many cultural and culinary festivals every year, China Town also houses numerous little shops and a variety of typically Sino-Mauritian restaurants. This little town, built by Chinese immigrants in the 1700s, is one of oldest on the island.

Stop number 6: The Port Louis Municipal Theatre

Inaugurated in 1822, the Port Louis Municipal Theatre used to welcome a selection of Mauritian and foreign artists. This neoclassical building is now closed for renovations that will restore the theatre to its former glory.

Stop number 7: The Champ de Mars

Famous for its horse racing season, starting in April and ending in December every year, the Champ de Mars is the world’s second oldest racecourse. Every weekend, it attracts thousands of visitors coming to share their passion.

Stop number 8: The Citadelle

Also known as Fort Adélaïde, the Citadelle overlooks Port Louis, offering a panoramic view of the capital. Built by the British in 1835 to prevent riots, the Citadelle is now used as a venue hosting shows and concerts of all kinds.

Place d’Armes, the Company Garden, the Caudan Waterfront, the Market, China Town, the Port Louis Municipal Theatre, the Champ de Mars and the Citadelle, are just a few iconic landmarks making the capital an authentic place rich in culture and history. It’s now up to you to discover the other treasures populating this folkloric city!