Virtual tour of Mahébourg - Taste Buddies - Food Tours in Mauritius
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Virtual tour of Mahébourg

With the sparkling blue lagoon stretching as far as the eye can see on the one side, and some of the most beautiful mountains of the island standing on the other, Mahébourg has a rich and fascinating history.

At every street corner, small groups of locals can be spotted playing cards or dominoes, beer in hand, adding to the laid-back atmosphere of this authentic little village.

Whether Mauritian or foreigner, visiting Mahébourg is a must – and it never disappoints 😉

The National History Museum

Located on the banks of rivière La Chaux, the National History Museum of Mahébourg recounts the maritime and colonial history of Mauritius since it was discovered by the Portuguese in the 16th century. It presents all those who have shaped the history of our island through various ancient objects and remains of wrecked buildings, at the heart of a beautiful Creole edifice.

The Cavendish Bridge

Connecting Mahébourg to la Ville-Noire, the Cavendish Bridge overlooks rivière La Chaux, offering view on cute little old houses. One of the first bridges on the island to be built of cement rather than stone, the Cavendish Bridge replaced the Higginson Bridge over 100 years ago.

The market

Open from 9am to 5pm every Monday, the market welcomes numerous vendors of clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics, as well as some fruit & veg and toy stall holders.

Rault biscuits factory

Go back in time and discover the Mauritius of the 1700s, by visiting the Rault biscuits factory. Its sumptuous cassava cookies and delicious galettes are a staple of Mauritian culinary culture, making it food enthusiasts’ ideal afternoon treat!

Chez François

Located at the heart of Mahébourg, this small family restaurant is very popular with the locals. It is the ideal place for a succulent Mauritian meal, at bargain prices – especially the “mine bouillie mangoak”, a must!

Pointe des Régates

Emblem of the Mauritian history, Pointe des Régates presents a picture-postcard landscape! Its name comes from the traditional pirogue races organised every year since the 19th century.

L’île aux Aigrettes

Spreading over 27 hectares of coral limestone at the heart of Mahébourg’s bay, l’île aux Aigrettes is a floating museum housing an endemic fauna and flora protected by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. Accessible by pirogue, it offers a unique and enriching experience.

The National History Museum, the Cavendish Bridge, the market, the Rault biscuits factory, Chez François restaurant, Pointe des Régates and l’île aux Aigrettes, are a must when in Mahébourg! Many other places are just as popular, it’s up to you to discover the ones making this laid-back little village an authentic paradise…