Virtual tour of Grand Bay - Taste Buddies - Food Tours in Mauritius
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Virtual tour of Grand Bay

Located in the north of Mauritius, Grand Bay is a lively village welcoming many tourists all year long. It is the meeting point of many cultures – and if you’re looking for a total immersion, it’s the perfect place to be 😉

Along the coast, golden beaches and turquoise lagoon stretch as far as the eye can see on the one side, while many little shops and restaurants of all kinds populate the other!

Ready for a visit? Let’s get going!

Stop number 1: The Grand Bay market

Bringing together a selection of little shops selling a variety of different products (t-shirts, bags, baskets, sarongs, spices, tablecloths…), the Grand Bay market is the perfect place to buy your loved ones some small souvenirs of your Mauritian holiday.

Stop number 2: La Croisette

Built in 2013, la Croisette is more than just a simple shopping mall. You can also find many restaurants, residences, office spaces, playgrounds, a sport centre, and even a clinic.

Stop number 3: La Cuvette public beach

Located on the fringe of Grand Bay, on the way to Pereybère, La Cuvette public beach is one of the region’s most beautiful beaches. It’s the perfect place for locals and tourists looking to peacefully enjoy the sun and turquoise waters! If you’re lucky enough to visit this little corner of paradise, do try the different Mauritian culinary specialties served at the various beach snacks present on site – you’re in for a treat!

Stop number 4: Sunset Boulevard

One of Mauritius’ oldest shopping destination, Sunset Boulevard welcomes many local and international brands for your greatest pleasure! Overlooking the sea, it invites visitors to shop and dine in ideal conditions.

Stop number 5: Gunner’s Coin

Situated some 8 Kms from the northern coast of Mauritius, Gunner’s Coin is a nature reserve housing many birds, including the famous Tropicbird. Offering few anchorages points, it invites visitors to admire the island from afar and grab their snorkeling gear to explore its beautiful seabed.

Stop number 6: St Anges-Gardiens Church

At 45 feet long and 18 feet wide, St Anges-Gardiens Church was built in 1934 by Father Albert Glorieux, to be consecrated to the guardian angels on 5 August 1935. Destroyed by a cyclone a few years later, the church was rebuilt in 1959 and consecrated again on 24 August of the same year. Since then, several religious ceremonies have been held at the church and its popularity continues to grow.

Stop number 7: Ilot Gabriel

Little islet located some 20 Kms from the northern coast of Mauritius, Ilot Gabriel is amongst the most popular destinations when going on a catamaran trip. Uninhabited, it has preserved its fauna and flora for many years.

Stop number 8: The Grand Bay public library

Not very famous amongst Mauritians, the Grand Bay public library perfectly combines charm and knowledge under its colonial roof. Its ancient architecture and rich past will teach you almost as much about Mauritian history as the many books it houses.

The Grand Bay market, la Croisette, la Cuvette public beach, Sunset Boulevard, Gunner’s Coin, St Anges-Gardiens church, Ilot Gabriel and the Grand Bay public library, are some of the most popular destinations visited by Mauritians and foreigners staying in the north of Mauritius. Many other spots, each more beautiful than the next, remain to be discovered at the heart of this region full of charm – it’s up to you to venture up north to uncover these hidden treasures!