Virtual tour of China Town - Taste Buddies - Food Tours in Mauritius
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Virtual tour of China Town

Located at the heart of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, China Town is a small village enabling a complete immersion in Chinese culture! It represents the history and culture of the Sino-Mauritian community, inviting all to discover its many little attractions.

Ready? Let’s go!

Street art

It’s been a few years now that Mauritian artists have taken to decorate the walls of China Town with a variety of colourful graffiti and a selection of original sculptures.

Who knows, maybe this is where you’ll find the perfect background for your next Instagram picture 😉

Street food

Famous across the island, Chinese food is one of the most widespread in Mauritius!

Quick and delicious, the most popular Sino-Mauritian dishes amongst locals are the Chinese fried rice or noodles, which you can also find in some European countries. These culinary specialties are featured on the menu of many Chinese restaurants and sold at most of the small street food stalls parked at every street corner.

Small Chinese shops

Whether you’re looking for snacks or candy, cigarettes, beauty accessories & cosmetics, toys… Chinese shops are sure to satisfy all your cravings and needs 😉 They’re famous for selling all kinds of products at “kaz paké*” prices, as we like to call them here in Mauritius!

* very affordable.

China Times

In the United States, they have the New York Times. In China Town, we have the China Times.

Every day since 1953, the New York Times is translated into Mandarin at this small company, allowing the people of China Town to have access to the news in their native language.

The China food festival

With over 14 editions to its credit, this festival brings together Mauritian and foreigners of all ages for a weekend, inviting them to an immersive culinary & cultural experience.

Every year, Sino-Mauritian dancers and Chefs come from all four corners of the island and from Asia, to animate this exceptional event!

The Chinese New Year

Also known as the “Spring festival”, the Chinese New Year is one of the greatest celebrations on the Chinese calendar! On this occasion, the streets of China Town are alive with various dance shows, colourful dragons and martial arts demonstrations. Friends and family also gather around the many food stalls, to the sound of fireworks warding off evil spirits.

Street art, street food, small Chinese shops, the China Times, the China food festival and the Chinese New Year, are some of the most popular attractions making China Town this lively place full of charm!

Up to you now to enjoy this little paradise and uncover some new and interesting spots to visit 😉