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Uncovering China Town’s best street arts

Welcome to China Town, famous Port Louis neighbourhood and jewel of the Mauritian heritage. If this town has lost its charm and liveliness over the last few decades, it is now one of the most popular in the region! Besides its beautiful old buildings, delicious culinary specialities and smiling inhabitants, China Town is also increasingly famous for its street arts…

Mauritius owes this new popularity to the New China Town Foundation, created by Jean-Paul Lam in February 2018, to revitalise and reinvent China Town. How? By promoting local art through eco-conscious initiatives, and by encouraging the local community to take care of its “quartier chinois” (Chinese neighbourhood).

“To reinvent China Town, we must reinvent ourselves first.”
– Jean-Paul Lam, Founder of the New China Town Foundation

The New China Town Foundation regroups many shopkeepers and volunteers from different communities, working together to give new life to our Mauritian China Town. The association invites the younger generations to get involved and step out of their comfort zone to give some of their time to the community, thereby contributing to something bigger than themselves. After all, young people are tomorrow’s future!

“The dream is to connect all China Towns in the world.”
– Jean-Paul Lam, Founder of the New China Town Foundation

It is through street art that the New China Town Foundation wishes to reach these objectives. What better way to breathe new life into China Town than waves of excitingly innovative initiatives, designed to help the China Town of Port Louis shine in Mauritius and abroad?

Thanks to the New China Town Foundation and its young volunteers, a dozen of street art works now decorate China Town, giving a brand-new look to this famous Port Louis neighbourhood. Passersby will admire the colourful pop’art wall featuring Dr Sun Yat Sen by Seven Chi, the wall painting of Mao, the fusion piece of a Chinese opera mask with an African twist by David Lagesse, and even a 3D mural of Bruce Lee or Kung Fu Panda. One of the most impressive artworks remains the massive dragon sculpture made from some 80,000 recycled plastic bottles, going by the name of Tangloon and conveying strength and unity. The dragon is 108 metres long and constitutes the biggest eco-dragon sculpture of the African continent!

Street art is a great way for young Mauritian artists to express themselves and their creativity. It is also a great opportunity for Mauritians and tourists to discover our local talents, various cultures and artistic vision.

Street art enthusiasts or those curious to discover the artworks populating China Town, will be pleased to know that a street arts map of Port Louis is available online. The treasure hunt is open!

And if street art isn’t enough to quench your thirst for culture, why don’t you join our China Town Food Tour? Taste your way through the delicious Sino-Mauritian culinary specialities and learn more about the history of this historic neighbourhood, with Taste Buddies!