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Top 9 things to do in Mauritius

Now that you know all about the weather in Mauritius and when to travel to our beautiful island, you might want to plan your trip to perfection in order to enjoy a beautiful stay in Mauritius!

Here’s a list of the TOP 9 THINGS TO DO in Mauritius:

1. Visit the North Islets


Enjoy our warm Mauritian waters by booking yourself a day trip to the North Islets. Book a catamaran trip and head out at sea, pass the Coin de Mire (Gunner’s Quoin), l’île Plate (Flat Island) and l’îlot Gabriel (Gabriel Island) . Explore the islets, lie on the beach, or snorkel the crystal-clear waters. If you’re lucky, you might even see turtles, dolphins, or even whales.

2. Do a Food Tour


Because Mauritius has so much more to offer, you might want to go local and experience the authenticity of the Mauritian culture by trying our delicious culinary specialities.

We at Taste Buddies say: “to know Mauritius, you must taste Mauritius.” So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself a food tour and start tasting!

3. Visit a Museum


Mauritius has a rich history, a past full of stories worth hearing… If you’re one to go back in time and relive the moments in history that have shaped a country or people, visiting a museum in Mauritius is a must!

Why not take a step back in time by visiting the Chateau de Labourdonnais? Or perhaps learn about the arrival of the indentured labourers by visiting the Aapravasi Ghat Museum in Port Louis?

4. Go Hiking


There’s more to Mauritius than its “crystal blue lagoons and dreamy beaches…”. If you want an intake of pure oxygen, take a walk among the trees, keeping an eye out for birds and admiring the beautiful landscapes. Hike the Ebony Forest in Chamarel, the Sept Cascades, the Black River Gorges National Park or Le Morne – the treks are totally worth it, promise!

5. Go Tea Tasting at Bois Chéri


Mauritius might be a fairly warm country, but the locals still enjoy their traditional afternoon cup of tea. What better way to satisfy their craving than a 100% Mauritian, freshly brewed cup of tea?

Head to Bois Chéri and visit the tea plantation and tea factory. There, you’ll have the chance to go tea tasting in a natural, peaceful setting, with the most beautiful view…

6. Go Ziplining


Mauritius is the place to go for a relaxing holiday, that’s for sure! But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the adrenalin rush… Why not spice up your holiday in Mauritius with a zipline ride at Chazal in Chamouny? A beautiful natural setting, 6 different rides, even some delicious traditional Mauritian food ?

7. Explore l’île aux Aigrettes


Despite being an island itself, Mauritius is surrounded by many islets, each more beautiful than the next. While most are just sandbanks in the Mauritian lagoon, others like l’île aux Aigrettes are “floating museums”, home to endemic flora & fauna.

Book yourself a ticket, board the little pirogue and embark on a beautiful, enriching experience among trees indigenous to Mauritius, with Mauritian birds and other little animals as companions.

8. Go Shopping at the Local Market


If you’re one to bring back a little something from your holiday to your loved ones, Mauritius should be no exception! Port Louis, Grand Baie, Flacq, Mahébourg, Quatre Bornes… Every region has its own little market where, despite the multitude of foreign items on sale, you can find something authentically Mauritian – food or other souvenirs ?

9. Take a Road Trip


As a popular tourist destination, many hotels and other tourist enterprises occupy most of the Mauritian coasts. In Mauritius, one of the only places that remains almost untouched is the southern coast: le Bouchon, le Souffleur, Souillac, St Felix… These little bits of our Mauritian paradise are among the most beautiful and peaceful!

Rent a car or scooter and take this road trip to discover the southern coast of Mauritius with all its charm.


Hopefully this list of the top 9 things to do in Mauritius will help you plan your holiday.

We challenge you to try all 9 activities while you visit the island ! Are you up for it?