The Travel Epidemic - Taste Buddies - Food Tours in Mauritius
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The Travel Epidemic

Do you burn with curiosity? Do you ache for new discoveries? And do you itch to meet the world? If you answered yes to these questions, you have the travel bug.

What is the travel bug?

The travel bug is a contagious virus that infects us primarily through the screens of our phones, tablets and computers. Today’s technology and constant connectedness bring us closer than ever to so many places at once. With destinations just clicks away, more and more people travel.

In a press release, the World Tourism Organisation revealed that international tourist arrivals grew by 3.9% to reach 1 235 million tourists in 2016. Experts remain confident and believe that there will be sustained growth over the next years.

What are the symptoms of the travel bug?

A Trip Advisor report notes the differences in which the travel bug manifests itself depending on the traveller’s origin. The study finds that “enhancing perspectives” is the top motivator for travelling, and culture is the top reason for selecting a destination.


Trekk Soft, a software company for tour and activity providers, has observed some key travel trends. Tourists are becoming travellers, and they seek authentic experiences of a place and its people. Travellers wish to embark on an adventure, meet a culture, and do it through food.

What is the treatment for the travel bug?

Your passport. Why not book a flight to Mauritius? The island’s cultural and culinary melting pot is the perfect remedy for the travel bug; soothing your itch to discover.

But for now, just tuck yourself in bed and dream about your next trip abroad.

Sleep tight, don’t let the travel bugs bite!