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It’s time to go local!

A little taste of freedom has been floating in the air for a few months now… Since the end of lockdown in June 2020, with work starting again, recreational activities resuming, and later on the reopening of our borders, it seems life on our paradise island is finally back to “normal”.

Yet if the worst is over, the future remains uncertain… The economy of most countries has been greatly affected by the global health crisis brought about by the Covid-19, and Mauritius was not spared. Like many others, our tourism industry has been severely impacted and the effects can still be felt in 2021.

Fortunately, all is not lost! One thing confinement taught us is that collaboration and solidarity are key in times of crisis – and the best way to help affected Mauritian businesses is to support them in these difficult times. We need to focus on what’s truly important and look closer to home – let’s go local and discover what Mauritius has to offer…

It’s about time! Over the years, with globalisation, we have become increasingly drawn to foreign products and services, so much so that we often haven’t taken the time to really get to know our own island. How often do we find ourselves in that awkward situation where a foreigner has explored Mauritius more than we, as locals, have?

Luckily, it’s never too late to explore Mauritius! Since September 2017, Taste Buddies has been offering a selection of exceptional culinary experiences; adventures combining discovery, history, culture and encounters, complete with a tasting of local Mauritian food and drinks. A must for Mauritians and foreigners alike 😉

Don’t take my word for it, these TripAdvisor reviews say it all…

The food tour of Port Louis made me, a pure local, discover the history and flavours of my own country – and therefore better understand it.


The best way to get to know Mauritian history and local food!

A must do for both locals and tourists!

In addition to being a 100% Mauritian start-up, Taste Buddies is also an adherent of the “Made in Moris” label. This label promotes Mauritian products in favour of foreign ones, in order to stimulate their supply and demand on the local market. One of the best ways to “go local” post-Covid!

By supporting the companies operating under the “Made in Moris” label in these difficult times, everyone can contribute – in their own way – to the regeneration of our economy, empowering local businesses and entrepreneurs that make up the Mauritian DNA. Together, we can make a difference!

Ready to jump on the bandwagon? Contact us now to book your next food tour!

💻 https://www.tastebuddies.mu/

📞 (+230) 266 74 96

📧 [email protected]