Hotspots to hot spots - Taste Buddies - Food Tours in Mauritius
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Hotspots to hot spots

Since the start of the 21st century with the Internet Age, we no longer depend on travel books to book travels.

With smartphones in our pockets or tablets on our tables, all destinations are at our fingertips. Simply searching “holiday” gets you over 1.7 billion hits within milliseconds. Keywords like package deals, cheap flights and luxury accommodation dazzle us, and we trip into the travel trap.

According to the research firm Dscout, the average user spends 145 minutes per day on their mobile phone. We are glued to our gadgets and stuck to our screens. In fact, people consider their smartphone to be their “most indispensable” travel companion, according to this study. Mobile devices have become digital passports, without which we can’t travel.


Paradoxically, this digital dependence also allows for greater independence when it comes to travelling. Some would even go so far as to say that digitalisation is democracy – more information available more easily is power to the traveller. The web gives you (and Spiderman) great power, but also great responsibility. It is your duty to sift through the pages and only grab the best deals. As DIY travellers: you research, plan and book your vacation in a matter of ticks and clicks.

So, connect to your Wi-Fi Hotspot and discover the Mauritian hot spots. What are you waiting for? Don’t stand in line go online! Check in for the next flight and check out the island.