Discovering Mahébourg with Taste Buddies! - Taste Buddies - Food Tours in Mauritius
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Discovering Mahébourg with Taste Buddies!

It’s 10 am. My colleague Anne-Claire and I leave cold and greyish Moka for warm and sunny Mahébourg; today, we’re embarking the Taste Buddies adventure in the company of our guide, Dada. We are ready to discover the charming little village of Mahébourg, nestled on the south-east coast of Mauritius.

On the way, the sparkling blue lagoon stretches as far as the eye can see, offering views of the South’s most popular islets: île aux Aigrettes, île au Phare and île de la Passe. Some of the most beautiful mountains can also be seen, standing like ramparts populated by all kinds of endemic and indigenous trees.

We enter the village. On the side of the road, the locals – known as the Mahébourgeois – can be spotted playing cards or dominoes, a pint of the famous locally produced Phoenix beer in hand.

Once we reach Pointe des Régates, the meeting point, a picture-postcard landscape awaits. In the background floats the “Mouchoir Rouge”, famous islet of the South of Mauritius, which mystical history remains to this day rather vague in the eyes of the Mahébourgeois. The turquoise water crashing on the pier makes up the middle ground, while splendid Badamiers, dating back to the 1900s, compose the foreground of this beautiful living painting.

It is at the heart of this peaceful setting, a light breeze caressing our faces and the sun gently warming our skin, that Taste Buddies’ Mahébourg Village Food Tour begins. With our cameras in hand, Anne-Claire and I are ready to embark this adventure mixing history, food and beautiful encounters…

The tour starts with an enriching history lesson full of suspense, followed by a visit to the Mahébourg market for the first tasting. A sweet & savoury snack later, Dada takes us on a little digestive walk around the village, telling us all about what has made this beautiful place as charming as it is today.

As the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun”! We’re already at the main course. On the menu of this exceptional culinary experience, some typically Mauritian specialities and a selection of delicious cold drinks from Mahébourg’s best restaurants and street food stalls. Seafood dishes from the region, often unknown to Mauritians and residents, star in our plates for our taste buds’ greatest pleasure! The tour ends with a last storytelling & sightseeing session, complete with some sweet treats and a hot Mauritian drink.

With our thirst for curiosity quenched, our bellies full and our heads filled with stories to tell and memories to share, Anne-Claire and I hit the road back home. One thing’s certain, Taste Buddies’ Mahébourg Village Food Tour constitutes an exceptional, authentically Mauritian experience!